Doug Comer, General Manager

Doug Comer, General Manager

There are so many blog posts and Youtube videos about the bartender hating you, the customer. Don’t believe me? Just do a quick Google search and you will find them with ease. The posts are funny, especially to those of us in the industry, but they really only represent a small amount of our customer base. The majority of patrons that come into our fine establishments worldwide fall into the category of “The bartender is happy you’re here to drink and tip: We don’t love or hate you. We like you, but that’s as far as it goes for the moment.” 

There is a contingent of you, though, that falls into another category altogether. You fall into the top 1% of the bar patrons. You are those that we love. You are those that we are genuinely happy to see and ask real questions about your life, and we care what you have going on.

I know you may think that this love is somehow only connected to tips.


Some of my favorite patrons over the years are good tippers, not amazing. You may think that it's only regulars that fall into this category. Also false. I've had great intellectual conversations on all topics with people I've only seen once. Don’t get me wrong- giving your bartender a good tip or coming into the bar five nights a week is always appreciated, and we generally like our regulars and all of our big tippers. But sometimes certain people just stand out.

A lot of people stand out at The Overlook.

In our brief time at this neighborhood bar, we have gotten to know one of the most tight-knit communities in our fair city. We have seen couples get engaged. We’ve gone on excursions together. We grilled out together and then rode down to Red’s Opening Day (If you’re not from Cincinnati, you don’t understand how big this is). We have taken people boating, had pool parties, gone bowling, to many movies, and have had the opportunity to become a part of each other’s lives. 

You all come in and share your lives, and that makes us love you all that much more for coming in. We enjoy your company and are grateful for our time with you. Thanks for coming in, and please continue to do so. We look forward to your faces bellying up to the bar, because we fu*#ing love you. 

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